The ascension is here and now

This is a direct channeling from Archangel Gabriel regarding ascension, spiritual awakening, DNA activation and light integration. Archangel Gabriel is an active Angel that oversees Ascension, and helps to guide us to allow more Divine light in our state of being.

Archangel Gabriel Channeling:

your Ascension is IN PROGRESS

We are always connecting with you with so much joy to bring you more enlightenment and insight. We are Archangel Gabriel coming to illuminate and increase your radiance. There is also an “army” of angels and lighted beings at your disposal at this time as you’re going through this ascension phase in your life which requires the new light codes to be embedded into your DNA in a faster rate. And so we have come forward to assist this integration to take place within your being; to allow the new light codes to be imprinted into your DNA, into your own awareness. You might know this as ascension, spiritual awakening, illumination, DNA activation or DNA re-shaping.

The shift or the ascension might seem somewhat challenging but we join you to take the load off stress and density that might rise through this awakening, as your whole essence is currently reshaping.

Spirituality and DNA

We have come forward to give you a clear understanding as to what takes place through the “awakening” period, through this integration of divine light. We like to paint a clear picture as to what occurs within your body as light enters in.

Your DNA holds particles imprints of memories through lifetimes and lifetimes. All these memories hold particles that make your DNA. Each and every one holds little doorways into greater insight and greater understanding of every moment. They include the lessons learned, the experiences gained, the feelings of a moment, the experience of the senses, the thoughts, beliefs, all in one very small particle in your DNA. So these particles are created in moments you experience, you feel, you make an assumption become imprinted into your DNA and stored. In this way, your body holds an immense storage amount of all these particles worth of lifetimes, within your body.

 As you are go through your day, you might receive information from your DNA from what it is already stored. This might be a memory, a “dejavu”, a belief, an assumption, information.

Parts of the DNA are used separately, and they affect your way of thinking, experiencing and living, once they are activated. This activation usually occurs through memory or through trigger that re-resembles the codes already stored. A negative experience for instance, might bring you a familiar negative emotion automatically. The mind sends a message to the body, to release the DNA stored, and that matches the “body memory” through the senses, thoughts, emotions, and/ or beliefs. Observing something common, such as a weather condition, or the sunset, might create a trigger response in your mind that sends you a familiar emotion, or memory through the DNA codes.

As these codes or DNA particles exist within you, they make up your automatic responses: the way you think, what you believe, and how you experience.

DNA and ascension

The new light that comes in, through the ascension process, tries to clear all the dense, or negative codes already stored. This occurs because those dense codes are in the way of your body becoming lighter; because they cause you to re-experience negative situations. Those codes hold your blockages, your false beliefs and fears that prevent you from rising, from being happy, from receiving more light, from becoming a match to your divine-self blueprint.

As you hold these dense codes, it might seem like you want to float, to expand, to be happier and receive more of your divine gifts, but you have this dense energy pulling you backwards. In this way, you become resistant to the light which holds your new light codes.

Re-shaping OF DNA

Light streams in from the Divine to help you ascend, and release blockages.

As you receive more light in, and you release dense codes, you obtain breakthroughs, you complete your life’s path, you rejoice, you become happier, freer, you receive love and give more love; you become the embodiment of your higher self that is only light.

And so the purpose of the light that is broadcasted from the divine, tries to awaken the DNA that holds dense energy, so that it is brought up into your experience and released.

Ascension symptoms

Once a trigger of that DNA code is activated, it brings up the information (memories, emotions, beliefs, energy) to be released.

Your role in the ascension is to relax and allow the light to activate and regenerate the particles and cells within your body.

You will receive triggers; (you have received triggers,) emotions, consciousness that originates from those DNA codes. When you experience dense emotions, fears or negativity say:

“I release this into the light.”

Do not focus on what comes up; simply allow it, experience it.
Always remember that no matter the density or emotion that is brought up, it is not who you really are. You are love, joy, kindness and light. Every dense motion is only temporary; it only exists when you give it power through your attention.


Call for us, the angels, to help you with the clearing of the old codes. Soldiers of light are available to help you with this clearing as it is your choice to advance into higher consciousness, it has been before reincarnation. Also, it is will God to rise above the density that no longer serves, and thus we are available, to help you achieve it.

Each and every time you experience density, we remind you: do not resist, allow it to take place and allow it to appear. Say: say please help. And we will flow to you at once. We will send our own energy codes into the area where the triggers exist within the body, and raise your vibration to help you see beyond their density.

We understand that sometimes the triggers and symptoms are intense, in many cases they are so because they resemble the density that exists within. Do not believe that those moments are there to stay. Do not falsely accuse yourself for having them nor fear them as they are temporary. Indeed, they are the way that light comes in.


As the new light codes join you, they take the place of the old imprints that were stored within your being. New beliefs are created new triggers are added; new particles take the place of the old ones.

When the new light codes, are more than the old dense ones, then, the release of the old becomes faster and easier. You’ve already started to clear much of the density and you will notice you experience more upliftment. You focus on more meaningful thoughts, and you are able to tune into more light. Your mind is also more peaceful.

The more you allow the symptoms to take place, the more you will notice greater shift within you.

And so, as you allow it, the shift takes place, little by little, download and download you become an embodiment of your higher self. As you become one with the universe frequency, you will no longer feel the separation with you and with others, within you and the world, the earth, the universe.

You have chosen this body, you have chosen this lifetime, you have chosen this time to start the ascension process. Each and everything that occurs, helps you to a greater embodiment of divine light. Every connection that you made, any information you come across helps you in this process. Know this with every step that you’re taking, with every symptom that occurs: You are ascending.

Rise dearest one and have no regrets and have no fear, for you are protected and guided. It is destined that you complete the ascension, so there’s nothing else for you to fear, the simple awareness that all is well, gives you the power to face all challenges.

Stay with the light see the positive in all that occurs, keep your vibration raised as it is the key to allow the new light codes and to release the old ones. The more you keep your frequency elevated, the easier you come to experience the ascension, and the less intense the symptoms become.

 We surround you with divine light now and are always there to help you through this important process. We are now complete.


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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