Toward your soul’s purpose: June Angel forecast

The end of May has prepared us for what will follow in June. As you guessed it, the intensity of the energies is at a peak in June but most importantly, they bring massive breakthroughs and wonderful self-growth. Read June’s angel forecast as it was channeled from the Divine council of light.

June energy

We welcome the summer frequencies with a bit of disturbance this month as the new moon joins us on the 4rth. This is a powerful new moon that helps you get clear on beliefs and programs that no longer serve on your path to ascension.

Consciously or unconsciously you might hold on to fear, insecurity, past pain and old grudges and as you enter deeper in this path of spiritual ascension those are in the way of our growth. As a result, each new moon energy might feel more intense than usual. That is because it aids to tune you inwards to recognize what fears come up during this time and to release them. for this, it is important to notice those fears that come up, notice those negative patterns, recognize the limitations and write them all down. Writing them down helps you to tune into their energy in a greater way. As you write them down become focused and willing to remove them fully and completely. To clear those old wounds and fears all you need is the willingness to release them. Then a whole stream of light energy joins you to assist you to be free of them.

How to clear what’s holding you back

During his new moon ask for divine assistance to join you. Set the intention of clearing those limitations and affirm:

I release and let them go now fully and completely. May it lifts and clears from my mind, body, and spirit across all levels and all layers of time.

When you do this you allow new energy to flow within you. Think of it as a stream of water, if a fragment is blocked, the water cannot freely move. This easy technique helps you remove the fragments that keep you stuck. Once you do this be willing to receive the new energy that streams in. New beliefs, new light codes, new programs are available to join you and along with them, new ideas flow new insights and great life changes.

June is the month of life changes

Perhaps you have noticed that new ideas began to join you. Don’t ignore them, take action. Those ideas, those messages, and insights take you towards your next step. Think for what you want, become clear about the direction that you want your life to take, and then follow the impulses. In June ideas materialize, pieces of the puzzle join you but you have to be clear on the bigger picture.

Ascension and life’s purpose

As you go through this ascension you have a purpose, a goal, a life’s plan. In June those ideas become clearer. June and July are the months that lead you towards this purpose. A purpose that is greater than yourself that brings together people, and empower the whole collective. You are on this life’s path at this time not only to personally ascend but to also to be of service to the world, to help bring greater light into the lives of others, to help expand the earth. Take action, dream big, follow through your ideas and make things possible. You have received great insight as you slept during the past few months and your soul knows the way. Tune into your silence; hear the insight that comes through your intuition. You have the answers.

Ascension and Personal growth

A powerful sign for this month is self-growth and self-love.

To achieve greater self-growth you have to allow yourself to thrive. Believe in yourself, in your abilities, in your talents. It is through all those that you expand, that you give to the world, that you illuminate your life and the lives of others.

This month possibilities unfold, and lightworkers expand. As you read this now, this message is for you: believe in yourself, in your capabilities, set goals and aim for the stars.

Your new life begins to unfold. There is no more procrastination, you are here on this journey to expand and co-create and the whole collective energy helps you to achieve just that.

For those that feel drained, exhausted, fearful during this time, you have to do some more inner reflection. You don’t allow yourself to expand in the way you are supposed to; You are blocked somehow. As a result, those energies that will join you during June will help to point you towards what’s keeping you back. Tune into the experiences, meditate on them, and seek the answer: what is holding you back? You will find it if you are open.

You are not alone in this journey dearest one. We are by your side.

Ascension and taking action

So in the month of June be present, notice what comes and goes in your life, notice what fears show up, notice the impulses that arise. Then take action. Trust that the universe and the whole collective, all of the energies that appear, help to tune you to the right path, the right idea, the best version of yourself.

Message from the Divine council of light

powerful lightworker, we are your thoughts, your universe, we are your divine support. They call us Divine council of light, we are a merge of light beings come together to form the wisdom that now speaks to you. As you focus on these words you allow more insight to become clear, more light codes to join you. We surround you with our energy frequency to help carry you through this powerful time of ascension. We remind you of your soul purpose to join earth during this time to ascend your spirit, but also to help others and the earth do the same. We help nudge you towards this path now. Do not lose hope, do not feel discouraged, instead trust in yourself, trust in the energies that join you, trust in the universe that directs you from all around. If you only simply allow, recognize, notice then this merging of the higher energies within your being will become effortless. As you resist and fear then you feel the struggle. Allow, trust the process, know we support you, we direct you. Once you allow wonderful things shall begin to unfold. Hear our guidance, notice our signs. We are with you and all around.



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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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