Anchoring the seeds of light – December angel forecast

The following is an Angel Channeling – A powerful read for all light-workers:

“The cycle of a flower: it fades, it loses its petals, the bloom shrinks and dries and fades. The plant re-generates, pauses and then restores creating another bloom, bright, healthy, vibrant. It doesn’t mean that the plant is dead when its blooms fade, it doesn’t mean that it’s sick, nor that it does something wrong. The blooms can’t stay forever on the plant. They shift and they change and they regenerate. You are in this path of transformation now. It is very crucial for your physical life experience. Perhaps one of the most crucial ones while in this form. You release, and shed what is outdated, worth of lifetimes of trauma, fears and debris. This transformation process is about to continue a few more weeks, so we want  you to be patient and loving with yourself. Allow the faded blooms to exit, for the transformation to take place, for the new blooms to mature.

New consciousness enters

How else can you welcome the new consciousness ready to step in? you need to be familiar to it, connected with it so that you recognize and accustom to it. there are many, many shifts underway dearest ones. All of them guiding you a step forward to a “new” reality, ideals, perceptions and consciousness. It is time for the human collective to ascend, to release the outdated and 3 Dimensional so that change can rise.

Those who go through this now are called the “way showers”, the ones vital for this transformation to set the base of this new energy and anchor it in your collective and the Earth. From those “roots” they create, it will spread, and it will be easier for others to become accustom to the new reality, as well as allow the new light consciousness to spread much faster.

Way showers, you who read this now, we couldn’t be more proud of you. We recognize that your journey is not easy, but because of you that what you call 5D reality, can emerge. (We call it return to Light.)

The Lightworker mission

During this December, your task is not easy. You try to ride the current density of the collective, while allow the profound light consciousness to enter your bodies, and eventually spread to the earth and to others. You are the “light-bringer”. Without you, earth would stay in the shadows, in corruption, in chaos. But you have taken the stand; you are living this reality to shower it with light. We thank you. You are so valuable to all. (I am given the Vision of a person holding the torch in the dark.)

Know that you are doing an excellent work. In any point you are in your ascension, in any way that you experience it in this now moment, it is alright. Even if you get triggered, even if you get emotional, even if you are filled with anger, or sadness, let it be okay. You’re doing an excellent job. Do not let the way the shifts occur make you believe otherwise. You are a magnificent light being, we see you. We see your light. (Read: 11 reasons ascension symptoms are a good thing)

A little longer light-bringer, and the current phase will pass. Hang on a little longer. December will continue to expand you, and shape you, as well as trigger you. The sun is very active during this time phase initiating the shifts. Lots of light friends have joined Earth to help anchor the light consciousness further. You are not alone. Help is here. (Read: visiting a Galactic spaceship)

If you get tired, afraid, emotional request for a break. Ask those light beings to step in and lift it all from you, so that you rest and rejuvenate. Here’s how:

Pause and center yourself. Bring peace in your now. Then request:

“Divine light beings that can most assist me now, step in. Step in and carry the density away, lift away the triggers, lift anything that brings me discomfort. Lift it all and let me rest and rejuvenate. I give it all to you, if only momentarily to help me re-align. I need this. I thank you for taking over. And so it is.”

After this you might feel the symptoms ease. Rest but know that they will return as it is your path to experience and go through the current shifts. If they do, let it be alright. It will soon be over, making way to a wave of absolute peace and unity for a while longer.


The seeds of light

What November has begun, December will conclude. The new energies streaming in are life-changing for the whole collective. There’s so much happening that we can’t explain, even if we know how it will all unfold. The seeds of light are being placed in the minds of people needed to make changes, the people meant to take a stand are awakening, new lighted consciousness is being born and spread in the minds, in the energy, in the earth.

It is a life-changing period you are going through. The results of those will occur in 2021. Have faith that nothing you go through during this ascension phase goes in vain.

As the light spreads and you carry it to anchor it, it blesses and cleanses your form. It releases disease, trauma and pain held within. That is why it gets intense at times. How can you spread the light without it blessing you?


The 21.12.20

What they say about the 21.12 has already begun to occur now. Nothing special will occur on that one day, but the process and activation of this life-change is ongoing since late November. 21.12 is only a date without a setting point, but rather an energy period of transformation lasting most of December. It goes on now, you experience it, and you feel the shift of it. The expansion it brings has begun and it will last up to the 3rd week of December.

All is well. Remind yourself this. It might feel emotional, but nurture yourself through this dearest one. You’re here for this. You’re living it now. We thank you for all you do. You bring the powerful change the earth needs. We couldn’t express to you how much appreciation this brings us. We see you. We know you. We thank you. We love you.”


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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