Crystalline light transforms us – June Forecast

june energy report 2020

May started powerful clearings and upgrades that continue in June. This June you will face many shadows that will ultimate bring you freedom and peace. A life review is also in the means in the coming months, as your life is getting ready to transform.

This is a direct channeling from Divine light beings:

The meaning of heavy energies in ascension

“You might have sensed how the frequencies on earth have shifted. They seem to drain you more than usual. May brought increased elevated energies from 9D crystalline light and above, that charged the earth’s surface and many light portals and light locations and elementals that exist on it. Through this crystalline light the frequency of the entire earth begins to shift as it can now hold higher, purer energies. As a result, those frequencies that are not in alignment with the newly received light transmissions come to the surface for clearing. You can no longer sustain them; Not in your thoughts, not in your emotions, not in your energy field nor even in the collective.

Think of pure water flowing in a cup with oil. The lighter consistency of water (in this case the crystalline energy) brings to the top the denser that is the oil (3d and 4D energy).

The reason you sense the lower energies in a denser way now, is because you have accustomed and aligned to a higher frequency now, and when you observe or feel a lower energy, there is a sudden drop of your own frequency that matches the lower. The higher the level, the harder the drop. It’s different to receive a sudden shift from 4D to 3D and different from 5D and 9D frequencies back to 3D or 4D.


How to work through the density


We wanted to explain the reason you feel so much heaviness at the moment, to help you understand that there is absolutely nothing wrong with feeling the density once it arises. Many times it is through the shadows that you’re able to clear what keeps you from the light. Do not be afraid of the negative thoughts but we ask you to study them and consider:

Are they yours? If they have been received from the collective chaos, then a simple intention or releasing them to the light, is enough to clear the heaviness.

If they are yours, then they portray blockages and fears held within. In this case tune in and ask what you can learn from this. What do you need to know to release them? Then once you know intend for Divine crystalline light to lift them old lessons and fears and all their energies away from you fully and completely.

Many times all you feel is simply the release of the old timelines exiting. There is nothing needed for you to do. The higher your vibration, the less those dense energies can affect you.


The Cosmic shifts in June


Returning to the forecast of June, you will come to face many shadow clearings this month, and all the cosmic events are aligned to help you do this. (Eclipses, full moons, solar storms ect) Expect a “heavy” month of sorts, not because it brings heaviness to you, but because inner density comes up to be released.

As you have noticed many of those shifts are affecting the collective at the moment. We are aware of what is currently going on Earth, but many people are reacting from the 3D perspective, resisting the release of the collective fears. Do not look in the past. Do not look at what was dearest light being. The earth is evolving. Mistakes and choices of some does no longer define the New Earth. You are becoming much higher. Let go of the chaos, let go of the discrimination, let go of violence, it does not belong to where you’re heading. Oneness and love and equality is the key.


Life review is the start of change


This June you will face many realizations. You will come to see your life in review mode, finally processing what needs to change to allow more light and positive transformations to take place. While you are still in the observation and realization of those, in the coming months you will come to apply those shifts as your life will slowly begin to transform to match the higher frequency of the earth.

When we mentioned the 9D crystalline light flowing and shifting the energy of the earth, we meant shifting everything that makes the earth; the blockages, the collective fears, the outdated beliefs. Poverty, power, selfishness, hunger, many of those begins to shift now. This means your life will also begin to transform to match the new ideals.

We understand that those shifts you face now are not ideal as they feel heavy for many. We want to close with a positive statement: Those denser m moments make way for massive growth on this planet. You do not experience them randomly. You are shifting the entire Earth. Soon you will see it first-hand.

We love you.”


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