The new year of spring – 2021 angel forecast

You are heading towards a powerful activation, and initiation that is to prepare you for the entrance of 2021, that will welcome a new frequency upon the earth. (Read all you wanted to know about Ascension here.)

The current shifts preparing us for 2021

Many things will suffice in the new coming year, changes of how things used to be, that are no longer in agreement with the new energy flowing on earth. What’s happening now is an initiation of the earth’s energy that will anchor all this new light coming in, into various spots, locations, people, that will keep and sustain a higher frequency on earth.


As the earth will begin to vibrate differently, draw light from those sources, the old, outdated fear, paradigms, laws, people in hierarchy that are not a match to that high frequency, they will fade away. The exit of those might occur suddenly and feel chaotic; or others might occur in a peaceful and gradual manner. What’s certain however is that during 2021, the whole collective will gain a new perspective, a re-forming that it will acquire a re-calibration, re-alignment to what is for the highest and greatest good.


On the same degree, your own life will shift and transform. You will go through major breakthroughs, and clearings. Clearings of people in your life, addictions, patterns, and beliefs, as well as habits and activities. Go with the flow of these changes. Don’t resist. Don’t try to keep what is no longer supported. If it fades away, let it and be grateful that it makes way for the new.


The year of rebirth 2021

In a few words, 2021 is like spring. Think of a tree changing leaves. All the old leaves fall in a process of re-birth and at the same time the new leaves are born and take their place. It is going to be a beautiful, powerful year and we’re so grateful for all the inner work you have done to reach this point. It wasn’t easy coming here, but you made it. 2021 will breathe new air in your lungs, new projects, new beliefs that are well rooted in love, and high vibration.


More people will spiritually awakened

For those that have not yet awakened, 2021 will seem chaotic and intense as all those clearings and inner work that you, lightworker, have done through the period of so many years; the others seem to be going through in such a short time. Seeing what used to be, suddenly fade away is not easy, especially to those holding on to the old perceptions.

 Be their light, be their way-shower, their strength. They don’t know why all these things unfold, and many are not vibrationally ready for the shift, they will struggle and shake until they finally let go of what doesn’t serve.

You are a shining light, now ready for this shift. For this 2021 will not seem as dense and chaotic to you. You have increased your light radiance. You will go through shifts and activations, yes as the ascension process has not ended for you, but you will do it holding more light that sustains you in love and higher frequency.

If you ever find the density of what unfolds from the collective intense, tune inwards, feel your light, remember your power, focus on your heart and the density will lift.

On your personal progression, this will move even deeper, bringing up so many gifts from your soul, from your soul family. Allow those to unfold by being open to them. If a new skill wants to show up, it will stay in your energy, until you allow it to flow through and that might feel uncomfortable. As often as you can; pause, breathe, center, place your hand on your heart and say:

I allow any divine gifts, activations and shifts that are for my highest and greatest good, to unfold and become known. I am receptive to more light flowing through my mind, body, spirit and life, and so it is.


New light on earth joins

New light will be born and brought on earth in the form of newborn starseeds, and newly awakened lightworkers. From now on, the light will keep increasing, and as it does, it can sustain higher and higher consciousness and paradigms. The earth now ascends faster than ever before. You are re-aligning it to its natural frequency of 5D, well done.

Do not be scared for what suffices in 2021. It might shake you to finally see the distortion and chaos that was masked, but it is finally brought to light. Celebrate that, instead of being appalled by it. The light brings up all that is dense and that’s a step to the right direction. (while the angels don’t say what they mean by that, I feel that there will be lots of scandals, such as political, as well as truths that were hidden in medicine, in society coming to the spotlight.)

Earth shifts

Intense weather phenomena in 2021 reveal the cleansing of the earth. Just as you, that you go through clearing of people and situations not in alignment, the earth goes through its own transformation. It might get intense in the form of weather conditions such as earthquakes, thunderstorms.

(Read: the experiences of the new earth here)

All in all, 2021 is the year of new beginnings. What is old and doesn’t serve clears, and new paradigms, ideas and projects, take roots. Don’t resist the change. Feel the breath of fresh air being sent, re calibrating and transforming. All is well.


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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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