Understand a soul’s journey through Dimensions

Different attributes exist in the various dimensions, all of them available to serve a higher purpose. The dimensions are states of consciousness where everything on those dimensions vibrates, communicates and perceives in. Every being living or in spirit exist in several aspects of dimensions, either moving from, to or ascend towards.

Find the complete list of the 13th dimension of consciousness and their attributes.


Purpose of dimensions


Dimensions are states of consciousness that differentiate beings from the embodiment of the creator. most dimensions help to educate and support each being to the completion of their ascension. Each being can move to higher dimensions as their soul essence becomes more divine. Angels ascend to archangels, archangels and ascended masters to the council of the light beings, and so on. Each of the dimensions offers new skills and capabilities to the soul that uses that frequency to vibrate, to expand further. Beings who have achieved their ultimate moving up the ladder finally unite with the creator and become one with what you know as God.


Let’s take a closer look at the different qualities that each dimension offers.


1st dimension

This is what you know as existence, the presence of energy. In this dimension, existence is created but has no collective essence, a vessel with no consciousness, emptiness. This is the place of the original creation that God existed before anything else.


2nd dimension

During the second dimension, life begins to form, the creation of beings; souls are being born, and consciousness forms in each phase. Here is where essence unites with form, souls awake, and formation of what exists in spirit and in physical.


3rd dimension

This is the state that so many of us physical beings on earth have remained stuck for so long. This state of being welcomes many lower vibrations and emotions such as fear, illness, worry, hate, and torture. Here there is a split of the mind and body with the soul. Materiality is the main focus here, fear of an end, separation from our true divinity, or else, illusion.

Many newly formed planets exist under this dimension for its beings to recognize their true essence. As you come to exist in both good and bad situations, fearful and blissful emotions, you learn who you are, and all that exists and thus decide to let go of all that no longer serves so that you rise in consciousness along with your soul essence.

The earth has taken a huge downgrade on the ascension aspect, delaying its progression for more than 1000 years. The purpose of the earth originally was to be in the 5th dimension, but since the beginning, it has downgraded to the 3rd.

 Earth has become one of the planets that souls come to experience lessons of hardship and fear that will eventually help them ascend while in spirit. Ascension in physical form was very difficult in years before as the earth’s collective was so dense in fear and illusion that furthered from the truth of the soul.  

The good news is that recently the earth has finally begun to ascend moving forward from this dimension to the next, making it much easier for all living beings on earth to ascend while in physical.

Attributes of this dimension are time, ego, karma, limitations and the experience of all forms of emotions good and bad.


4rth dimension

This is a very “short-term” dimension, only meant to exist as a stepping stone from the 3rd to the 5th dimension. This dimension slowly implements the huge difference that exists between the 3rd and the 5th. 4D is like a moving ladder bringing us slowly yet gradually to the changes of what is next. For this, it implements a lower 4rth dimension, which is closer to the qualities of the 3rd dimension, a middle, and higher 4rth dimension which slowly implements more 5th dimensional qualities. For this, it is better to analyze those qualities directly in the 5th dimension below.


5th dimension

This is the last dimension that unites body, mind, and spirit as a complete union. It removes the great illusion that existed in the 3rd dimension, helping people naturally know more of their soul qualities, unite with universal intelligence, and achieve oneness with all beings. In simple terms, it seems like the curtains have been drawn and a clear awareness of your soul essence becomes evident. This means that you acquire more of your soul’s qualities such as Great intuition, energy handling, knowing about what comes next, being in alignment with the universal synchronicities and messages, greater spiritual communication to realms higher than the 5th and so on. What’s more, the body itself functions in more alignment to its original purpose that is: HEALTH. Self-healing is more powerful and immediate. Similarly, the mind generates thoughts that are of a higher vibration (love, positivity, gratitude, abundance, joy).

Truthfully, the shifts on a personal level that one goes through as they move from the 3rd to the 5th dimension are plenty and cannot all be described here. It is like a lighted door opens for you and new consciousness pour through.

Apart from the personal changes on physical beings, 5D holds great collective change as the old patterns that used to function to bring order in 3D are no longer needed. This includes karma, (click to read article) time, fear, and many more.



6th dimension

Spirits exist here as it is a dimension that can be sustained energetically, not physically. You can move here as you detach from the physical while in spirit, or while in meditation. The soul takes greater charge revealing a nonlinear time with past, future, and present, all intertwine (similar to all other dimensions after this one).

This dimension cannot sustain low frequencies such as sadness and worry. the souls in 6D recognize if such density exists, but can sustain higher vibration almost continually. If for example you visit this dimension while in meditation and negative thoughts begin to form, the density of thought or negative emotion cannot sustain you and 6D “drops you” into lower dimensions that density is sustainable.

This is the dimension of alignment, purpose, and creation. What you use to call: “law of attraction”, or “thought forming to things” originates here. Focus on a matter with pure intent and it shall be created regardless if that is in physical or in spirit. To access this dimension while in a physical being you have to clear barriers of fear, doubt and anything that blocks the soul from its true vibrational frequency. Many achieve this dimension unconsciously while in a physical body only for a while as it requires higher frequency to become sustainable here.


7th dimension

Love, oneness, and peace are some of the qualities that make this state of consciousness. Each soul is interconnected, but as you master the previous dimensions you can finally experience and unite with a soul or element (in nature and the cosmos) at a deeper level.

Telepathy originates here and it is the main form of communication between souls. Astral projection is used to move from one point in time and space to another freely. That is why beings such as angels who have mastered this consciousness can be in many places at once and communicate with you telepathically.

7th dimension consciousness brings a union of mental qualities of communication, soul identity and purpose, as well as the advancement of gifts.


8th dimension

Usually, Angels originate from this dimension.

There is a beautiful balance of the qualities of the 6th and 7th dimension but allows a more in-depth growth of those qualities while aligning them all in harmony. Although the ego does not exist in spiritual dimensions, here souls are presented with the exact opposite quality, oneness, and service of the greatest good. Didn’t you ever wonder how come angels (who are assigned to assist humans on the physical journey) are so selfless? They always give without wanting anything in return ever. This quality originates from this dimension constantly urging beings here to serve the highest purpose, and that makes them feel more complete on a soul level.

Further qualities of the 8D, are divine symphonies that balance the energies of which they stream in. Many people who report hearing music or a choir of angels they are receiving 8D symphonies which usually work to align energy and bring miracle healings. Read the article

Many more powerful energy tools also originate from the 8D and many, many beings of light are currently responsible for bringing them forward and being of service with their use.

Similarly, many divine teachers or light are directed to connect with lightworkers on earth helping them to bring more light to the world.


9th dimension

 Many ascended masters, divine teachers, and lighted beings exist here. It is where the soul advances to reach higher dimensional frequency. Each time a soul progresses the radiance of its light increases. For a soul to progress here, it goes through a transitional phase helping it to capture greater qualities of the 10D. (Something like the 4rth dimension is a bridge from 3D to 5D.)

There is a complete balance that exists here as souls are at peace with their soul’s progression. They exist in a state of complete transcendence, receiving and connecting to the essence of God/creator frequency.


10th dimension

Here there is Awareness of all that is, all that was, all that existed and all that will be; A higher understanding of the greatest path for all. It merges all pieces to a greater knowledge of all.

It Continues the state of the 9th dimension of peace at a greater level, making a soul l bask in complete union, tranquility, euphoria and never-ending bliss.


11th Dimension

Realm of archangels. Here a soul has progressed enough on their path to aid others to reach their expansion. All the qualities, and gifts that one has collected are being used to raise the collective consciousness. As an example of this is Right now that so many 11D (and beyond) beings work diligently to help the earth ascend to 5D.

In short 11D beings are of Complete higher consciousness and use powerful tools and gifts to help the collective.


12th dimension

Have you heard of the Council of Light? They are beings right below the creator, or the energy of all that is that work to educate and assist, preparing us all for even greater ascension. This is the Godliest form that exists as one, even though they are not only one, they are already half merged with God energy.


13th dimension

Complete union with God, creation, all that is. Here all souls that finally reach this state unite as one God energy, not separated but completely unified.



Moving through dimensions

 Many dimensions make possible the jump from one place to another for some periods. You have entered higher dimensions during your physical journey perhaps for a few minutes.

You can understand in which dimension you are in at each time through your emotions. The happier and more blissful you feel, the higher the dimension. I’m not talking about happiness that pleases the ego, (such as receiving a gift) but true bliss which associates happiness and inner peace.

Usually, during meditation, you quiet the mind from thought and that helps you move into higher dimensions because you are temporarily blank from interferences. The more you practice, the more time you can sustain in complete bliss of higher dimensions, but staying there constantly it is difficult while on a physical body (further from the 5D).


All in all, with each dimension the soul’s qualities and growth enhances making one more ascended, more divine, more absolute. A soul’s journey is magnificent, guided and serves the whole collective.


Have you visited other dimensions? Share your experiences below.


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  1. I love reading love reading and learning from Amelia! I started my awakening in early 2017. My life has changed dramatically since then. I’m still trying to understand the process and her information and guidance is a tremendous gift. Ty, Amelia!

    1. I love your feedback, thank you so much!!

  2. I had a dream right around the time this was posted… August 2019… that I was on the 7th dimension. I was in a dark space and all around me were bright white light bodies. I was told I was on the 7th dimension and felt as if I wasn’t meant to be there… a light body started coming toward me and I woke up. I’ve been recording my dreams since then.

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