The dawn of the new earth – November angel energy report

Whenever you are guided to read this post, it is valid for you at that time, regardless of what month it is posted. It educates on the ascension and it can spark a remembrance, give you activations or help you progress on your spiritual transformation.

The following is a direct Divine channeling:

“The earth awakens. As the energy on Gaia reaches a certain frequency, it begins to shift, to awaken. A lot of lava rushes out of its core as volcanoes continue to erupt, the ground begins to shake as the Tectonic plates begin to move. The oceans stir long waves and the cosmos begins to vibrate in a greater alignment with each other. Each close planet is of the same ‘family’. Those were birthed together vibrating in a similar manner. When the earth dropped in frequency there was an imbalance in the solar system. The time is now for the earth to ascend so the surrounding planets, the galaxy, visible and invisible stars and planets cooperate to bring earth in its original alignment. And as this begins to occur, the earth will begin to spin faster, shifting and changing on a core level. What has begun in late August and continued in the previous months, now as November joins you the energy from the surrounding planets continues to flow on earth and its inhabitants aiding to bring in high frequency, that ‘washes’ away the outdated and dense. And the rise of Gaia’s frequency begins, affecting the eco-system, the people, the plants and animals as they are rising along with the earth.


The feeling of ‘being home’

To those who felt like they don’t belong, or they found the frequency of the earth ‘difficult’, they will feel like they are returning home. Home, is the original vibration of the earth, one that is not tied down by the magnetosphere. It brings its own light, on a core level and it vibrates and continues to do so in greater alignment with the whole. That original light that the earth was lost, but is being restored. Lightworkers you have done your mission and you have aided it by being the pillar of light that it needed to reach that certain vibration. Now it all begins to spin, and form and re-align as it should. And you continue to ascend, and to grow and to expand now aiding the entire collective, those who have not yet ‘awakened’ so they find their own light.


Lightworkers and changes

Choices and life-changing events shall continue to occur for many people during November. A bright start, an illuminated frequency begins once the old ways are gone, once the blockages have cleared. You have nothing to fear, for you are headed towards an illuminated path. All lightworkers continue to rise, receiving the necessary crystalline codes that will remind them of the power they possess, the memories and knowledge that is needed to be a part of this New Earth-Home.


Memories of Lemuria

As you awaken, more and more of your light joins you and the memories of Lemuria and High Atlantis will begin to be recalled as this same earth will soon resemble that which once was. You who read this now do not doubt, you were brought onto this moment to remember HOME. We assure you, you are reaching that destination at a rapid pace. Some might get there faster than others, but you are all reaching that high frequency, and most importantly the energy on earth will be able to sustain and withhold your full light.


Lightworkers and intuition

Many will get strong impulses to act this November, to make the changes needed to anchor your light forward.  You are being called to lead, to guide, to assist, to expand, to transform, to birth the new. It starts now.

While this November the change begins, it will not be completed for months. As you went through the clearings, the initiations, the transformation that is needed, now change is upon you, and soon, as you follow your calling, the bliss, love and euphoria of the new earth frequency will be upon you. Change is on the horizon. Celebrate it regardless of the way it comes into your life.  (Lots of high vibrational babies are coming on earth – that’s one of the changes many lightworkers are embarking upon. Stay tuned for another article on that soon.)

(I’m being shown an image of dawn, where the sun begins to emerge from the fog. This is the current phase we are on now.) Like the dawn emerges from the darkness, the earth is returning to its lost glory. This is the beginning of the emergence of the new earth. It is upon you.”

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Amelia Bert

Amelia Bert is a spiritual author and online journalist. She published 7 books, one of which “Truth of all that is” is a favorite book on amazon.
Amelia is an Angel intuitive which means she can connect with Divine beings and perceive information. She uses her ability to help those in the ascension process, as well as spread the loving messages of the Angels to all.

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